Corporate Social Responsibility

JUCY Gives is our initiative to make sure JUCY puts a little bit back into the communities and environments that are so important to us and our customers. 


In Australia, our customers can add $1.50 a day on top of their hire to help to offset their carbon emissions. JUCY gives this money on to Carbon Neutral who use it to plant trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor on your behalf. 


Located in Western Australia's northern agricultural region, approximately 400 km north of Perth, Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor has been recognised by Conservation International as one of 35 globally significant biodiversity hotspots currently under threat. Carbon Neutral is filling the barren land by planting a diverse range of native Australian trees and shrubs which remove carbon from the atmosphere, reduce water salinity, minimise soil erosion, and provide habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Malleefowl and other threatened flora and fauna. 


Since initiating our relationship with Carbon Neutral in 2017, we have planted 570 trees. We can't wait to plant more! 


As part of our JUCY Gives programme, we also give our JUCY Crew the opportunity every year to “donate-a-day” of their time to a cause of their choice. As long as the organisation they're donating their time to is supporting the communities or environments that our customers travel to, we’re happy!


Tamara, a Customer Service superstar from our Brisbane Customer Centre, is a huge animal lover! On her Donate-A-Day, she headed to Central Railway Station, Brisbane to help raise money for Animal Welfare League Queensland. Tamara loved being able to support the not for profit animal shelter which cares for and rehomes up to 15000 stray and abandoned animals each year! With the help of some furry four legged friends, Tamara and the rest of the street team raised over $2000 in 4 hours and brought smiles to morning commuters faces!